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Morocco – Lacoste



  • Lacoste hashish, like all the moroccan hash comes only in bar of 200g for wholesale.
  • Please be advice that wholesale orders are sometimes a little bit longer for shipment. It can takes between 1 to 4 days before shipment.
  • If the total amount is more than 3 000$ and since e-transfert payment cannot be over 3 000$, please make e-transfert in multiple time, every 24h. The order will be delivered only after receiving full payment.  Ex. Total amount is 4 600$; first payment of 3 000$ and second payment of 1 600$. 


THC-A : 16.5%

Delta-9 THC : 11.4%

TOTAL THC : 27.9%

CBD-A : trace

CBD : trace

This is a nice, blond and soft Hash in texture with a pleasant buzz.

Here some history about the Legendary Moroccan Hashish…

Morocco is famous for its hash production, this region produces some of the finest brown hashish in the world. Specific regions like Ketama are known worldwide specifically for their hash production and in the 90’s Morocco produced an estimated 15,000 tons of hashish which was exported to the lucrative European market.

The majority of brown hash is not soft to the touch however that does not mean it is a low quality product. It averages about 10 – 30% THC content and has an even balance of CBD, the THC in this chemical composition is the element which produces an active and cerebral high, this coupled with the CBD makes it viable for medicinal use.

Some world famous types of hash originate from this region.


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200g, 500g, 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

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