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Netherlands – Lion



The lion is the best Netherlands hashish of our selection.  Soft, blond, gummy, the Lion Hash has all the quality your looking for. As good for chase the anxiety than recreative purpose.

Lion Hash is produced from Cannabis strain from the Netherlands.

In the Netherland, plants  are usually cultivated indoors but there are also small outdoors and greenhouse cultivation.

The manufacture method varies with the producer. Most of the Hash is produced thru screening like in Morocco, however there is also a small quantity of hand-rubbed Hash produced using the Afghani method (which of course is much better). However only a very small quantity of the Weed is transformed into Hashish.

Color: Quite blond, however this varies with the kind of Weed used and the producer.

Consistency: Lion hash is very soft.

Effect: The kind of High from Netherlands Hash depends from the strain of Weed which was used, however usually the high is quite active and cerebral.

Potency: Potent to very potent, this stuff is better than any other kind of Hash available to the average user. It even beats most Nepali’s and nearly every kind Afghan. (Up to 59% THC)

Availability: Very, very rare outside the Netherlands and surrounding countries.

THC-A : 41.0%

Delta-9 THC : 9.5%

TOTAL THC : 50.5%

CBD-A : trace

CBD : trace


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1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

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  1. Alex (verified owner)

    One of the best hash i smoked in all types i tried!! Tastes really sweet with a great earthy undertones. The texture is just amazing and the high is something really enjoyable. Not too stoney but enough to chase the anxiety away and chronic pain is tamed with this one. Great for recreative purpise and for medical one as well!!!

  2. Kevin (verified owner)

    It tastes meh

  3. julien (verified owner)

    Great smell and Taste, Texture is like Play Dough.

  4. Arièle (verified owner)

    Excellent. Really nice soft texture, awesome taste and buzz. Recommend it

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)
  6. David Sirois (verified owner)

    Tres bon hash mais vaut pas le prix . Boucoup trop mou on dirais du butter. Enleve une etoile pour le prix. Moi jai ete oubliger de melanger du kief avec pour faire quelque chose de fumable. Le prochain coup je commande autre chose.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Top notch super stocky melty ans tasty great

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Put your seatbelts on!

  9. STEVE RIENDEAU (verified owner)

    Très bon hash je le recommande👍

  10. Pete Chouin

    Tres bon, un petit gout de fleur de cannabis comme les 2 autres Netherlands.Un peux meilleur que les 2 autres mais pas assez pour le prix. Texture tres collante, il fond dans les doigts, dure a travailler, gros inconveniant. 9 gout, 5 texture, 5 prix

  11. John (verified owner)

    Top notch first time I smoked netherlands hash very sweet and lung cleaner

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was so exited wen I found it on your site,
    great test, great smell, but it is not a potent hash, I want to give a 3.5, not possible, I will give a 4 star, sorry

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)
  14. mousseau francis (verified owner)

    Un goût recherché

  15. Karl Descoteaux (verified owner)

    Very very good but very expensive i found the same on other web site at 90 for 7 g (budrunqc)

  16. Mohamed Zaidan

    This stuff here smells truest fantastic, I wish it would be easy to work with but it’s melty and super super bubbly. I rolled my regular cigarette and hash joint and it was AMAZING, helps with sleep and hunger.

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