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Morocco – Chanel



Moroccan hashish, called Chanel, comes from the Indica family. 

This one is for someone who prefer the sweet taste of blond moroccan over the buzz. It will get you high, relaxed but not like the Caramello for example. Therefore, the taste is just great. Good to mix with flowers also.

Morocco is famous for its hash production, this region produces some of the finest brown hashish in the world. Specific regions like Ketama are known worldwide specifically for their hash production and in the 90’s Morocco produced an estimated 15,000 tons of hashish which was exported to the lucrative European market.

The majority of brown hash is not soft to the touch however that does not mean it is a low quality product. It averages about 10 – 30% THC content and has an even balance of CBD, the THC in this chemical composition is the element which produces an active and cerebral high, this coupled with the CBD makes it viable for medicinal use.

Some world famous types of hash originate from this region.


THC-A : 8.5%
Delta-9 THC : 19.3%
TOTAL THC : 27.8%

CBD-A : trace
CBD : trace


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1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

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  1. Anonyme (verified owner)
  2. Alexandre (verified owner)

    In the four hashes i ordered this one was the one i liked less. I don’t mean that it’a low quality hash at all!! Just that it was not as potent as the other one but the taste was great maybe a little more spicy than most morrocan hashes. The high wad quite relaxing even if it was not the most powerful in the four i had i would recommend ot for people maybe less seasobed than me or mixed with flowers you get the kick that is lacking in this one

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)


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