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Mixed Fruit 2 x 25mg



Polly’s Gummyz is our in-house cannabis infused edible brand. This 25mg sativa infused gummies are as yummy as they gonna get you high.

Polly’z Gummyz
Cannabis infused gummies
Mixed Fruit

2 gummies in each sachet
25MG in each gummy

If you are trying edible for the first time, we will  recommend to get the 10mg first. Otherwise, this 25mg mixed gummy will give you the buzz you are looking for.

Edible are perfect for the customers who don’t like to smoke cannabis and want to try something different from alcohol or other chemical buzz.

The experience involved with eating it rather than smoking is so much more different, but for pain patients it makes a world of difference. Edibles provides more powerful, long-lasting pain relief especially for patients suffering from chronic pain.

Have you ever try to make cannabis infused gummies at home? If you wanna try, visit



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  1. Denis (verified owner)

    The order shipped out of Montreal & the notice that should have been placed on my door nob had I been out was instead placed in my community mail box at the end of the street on Thursday morning. Since I was not expecting my package before Friday afternoon I did not think about it before Saturday morning. Express Post did not advise me via e-mail that the notice was in my mail box or that the package was at our local Post Office. I had to track it to see that it indicated it was delivered. I could not make it to the Post Office before Tuesday next so I wonder what was the advantage of paying Express Post’s expensive rapid home delivery tarif?

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)
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