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Afghan – Cronos


Enjoy the long-lasting effects of this Afghani Hash, a potent, very high-quality hash that’s popular around the world. People use it for both recreational and medicinal uses. Experience its mildly earthy and slightly spicy flavor together with its distinct, aromatic fragrance. Like many strains, its effects depend on your tolerance and experience with hash. If […]


Lebanon – Blond Lebanese


The blond Lebanese hashish is the old timer’s favorite. Hashish has a very long history in Lebanon. At one stage, the cannabis-gold was used as a currency. Thus, it’s safe to state the Lebanese know their stuff when it comes to making excellent cannabis solutions. When the rugged indica Hash crops have been harvested, dried, […]


Netherlands – Lion


The lion is the best Netherlands hashish of our selection.  Soft, blond, gummy, the Lion Hash has all the quality your looking for. As good for chase the anxiety than recreative purpose. Lion Hash is produced from Cannabis strain from the Netherlands. In the Netherland, plants  are usually cultivated indoors but there are also small […]

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